Jun 172014

The World Cup is here! The World Cup is here! I almost never watch soccer but I absolutely adore the World Cup. There’s just something about the passion from around the world that is so fun – all of the drama (stunning upsets, inspiring Cinderella teams – looking at you Costa Rica) of the NCAA basketball tournament and the national pride of the Olympic games. This year the World Cup is in Brazil and since Brazil is basically synonymous with futbol (soccer) all of the excitement is even more heightened.

feijoada, kale and white rice from a world cup dinner and world cup playlist

In order to celebrate the opening match, we had a special Brazilian meal for dinner and a special world cup playlist to go with it. Our dinner was feijoada, white rice, sauteed kale and fried yucca.

a photo collage with ingredients for the feijoada; kale sauteing; and fried yucca.

Ingredients for the feijoada; kale sauteing; and fried yucca.

Of course a brazilian celebration wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of Cachaca:

a bottle of brazilian cachaca to accompany the world cup dinner and world cup playlist

Finally, you can’t skip the music if you want to set a mood. Here’s my World Cup playlist – first don’t even think about that terrible Pitbull/J.Lo world cup song – seriously, don’t even go look it up if you haven’t heard it, it’s awful. I like to start off with some of the better world cup songs from the FIFA World Cup Official Album -

La La La – Shakira     iTunes | Amazon

Vida – Ricky Martin     iTunes | Amazon

Lepo Lepo – Psirico      iTunes | Amazon

Next comes a few ‘unofficial’ world cup songs, including one “Todo Mundo” that is Coca-Cola’s World Cup song (and that I think is one of the best of the bunch – Coke has a way of picking great songs (see “Waving Flag” from the 2010 Cup).

Todo Mundo (feat. David Correy) – Monobloco and Gaby Amarantos     iTunes | Amazon

País do Futebol (feat. Emicida) – MC Guime     iTunes | Amazon

Golea Brasil en Fiesta – Dacelys & DJ Papi Electric     iTunes | Amazon

Then add some classic music from some of the superstars of Brazil:

Mais Que Nada – Sergio Mendes     iTunes | Amazon

Magalenha – Sergio Mendes     iTunes | Amazon

Quem Mandou (Pe Na Estrada) – Gilberto Gil & Jorge Ben     iTunes | Amazon

Finish the mix off with these songs to get your hips moving and your face smiling:

Piradinha – Gabriel Valim     iTunes | Amazon

Show das Poderosas – Anitta     iTunes | Amazon

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Jun 102014

seattle summer activities sq

Something I try to do each year at the beginning of the summer is make a list or calendar of all the different Seattle summer activities there are to do with my family. Sometimes it seems like just about everything fun to do around here happens in July and August – we really have to take advantage of those two months of sun to soak it up for the long grey months ahead. Here’s my list for this year: we won’t do nearly everything on the list (since there’s more than 150 things), but I can look here when I’m looking for things to do, and you can too! Let me know in the comments if there’s something your family especially likes to do in the Seattle area during the summer, and I’ll add it to the list.

Festivals, Fairs and Parades


Cultural Festivals

Street Fairs and Farmers’ Markets

Country Fairs & Carnivals

Fourth of July Celebrations

Art, Music, Culture, Cinema

Family Concerts

Movies! Movies! Movies!

Children’s Museums

Child-Friendly Museums

Sporting Events

The Great Outdoors

Zoos and Petting Farms

Amazing Playgrounds and Spray Parks

Urban Hiking, Beaches and Natural Parks

State / National Parks

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Cars and Trucks and Things that Go

Air Shows

Fun Day Trips

Downtown Seattle

Going Farther Afield


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 seattle summer activities

Jun 082014
summer travel roundup collage square

clockwise from top right: find-it jars, road trip tips, airplane snacks, travel journals, air travel tips, restaurant activity kits, route maps, scavenger hunt pages, car bingo, travel trays, color matching activity.

Since summertime is right around the corner and a lot of families will be doing a lot of summer travel with kids I thought I’d put together a little roundup of the travel related posts I’ve written over the years. I hope having all of this information in one spot is helpful on your journeys this summer!

Travel Tips and Tricks

20 Tips, Tricks and Activities for Little Kids on Airplane Tricks

24 Tips and Tricks for Surviving Road Trips with Kids

Bringing Food on Airplanes: 20 Easy Healthy Choices for Kids {and Their Grownups}

Travel Crafts and Kits

Travel Trays (to use on road trips)

Find-it Jars

Restaurant Activity Kit

Travel Journals and Activities

Color Matching Game

Travel Journals

Travel Scavenger Hunt

Kids Route Map

Preschool Car Bingo

summer travel roundup Collage


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May 282014
Asparagus Tamales at Los Hernandez Tamales

This past weekend we loaded up the kids and dogs into the ol’ family truckster and headed east toward Union Gap and the land of sunny skies and desert vistas in search of asparagus tamales. Union Gap is in the Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington (one of the premier asparagus growing regions in the US) [...]

May 262014
Clean Spinach and White Bean Hummus {Recipe}

Because I’m on a health and fitness kick right now, I’ve been trying to come up with healthier versions of things I love to eat. I’m trying to follow some clean eating principles like less processed foods and leaner proteins. Regular hummus is pretty healthy as is, but I developed this clean spinach and white [...]

May 092014
Embellished Burp Cloths for a New Baby Gift

All mamas with new babies need burp cloths, and generally they need a lot of them (unless they enjoy doing laundry). We recently welcomed a special little one into our extended family and I wanted to make her mama a little welcome home baby gift. I know that with my littles I used a ton [...]

May 022014
Clean Eating Turkey Chili {Recipe}

Since it’s springtime and summer’s just around the corner, I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier and shed some of my winter padding. Luckily for me I have a preschool friend who’s become a Beachbody rep (the company behind P90X and Insanity) and she recently hosted a clean eating challenge on Facebook complete with [...]

Apr 232014
Making Homemade Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

As happens a lot lately (since we’re home alone together so much of the time) my little guy requested that we make something. The specific thing he wanted to make this time was homemade ice cream. He asked me if it was true that when Papi and I were married we had gotten an ice [...]