Apr 062012

I’m making papier-mache Easter eggs for Sunday. I saw the idea last year on the fabulous blog Not Martha, and I made these same eggs for my daughter’s birthday party favors last summer (they were ‘dinosaur eggs’ in keeping with the party theme). Its a multi-step process, so tonight I’m making the eggs. Next they’ll need to dry, then be filled with goodies, then the holes sealed up again. Here’s a look at tonight’s work:

Not Martha made hers with sweet polka dots but it was kind of a pain to do it that way last time so I’m going with a mix of solid color eggs and random patterned eggs this time.

I would love to do this again sometime as party favors for a Mexican-themed party, decorated in a piƱata style, with mini bottles of tequila and hot sauce inside. I probably don’t have it in me for Cinco de Mayo this year, but maybe sometime in the summer?

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