Fun With Clay

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May 292012

I forgot to take pictures this afternoon but we got to play in the studio for a few hours – so so fun! I made a little bowl, a teacup and a dish. Tomorrow we’ll glaze them which will be a blast as well. I’ll try to remember the camera!

Updated 5/29/12 to add photos of some unglazed clay pieces I took today.


License Plate Game Map

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May 282012

I left the license plate game sheet I made at home so I decided to whip up a new one – my idea to draw a US map got slightly derailed by the slight problem with scale I had (note: gap between Alabama and Georgia/Florida).

I wrote up a state list too – almost in alphabetical order except poor Vermont who had to get stuck in the space I skipped after the A states.

Hope we have fun looking for plates!

May 272012

I had a super long day today (starting at 3:30am) without a single minute to myself, capped off with the kids giving me hell about going to bed, and now I haven’t the energy to muster up even a stupid little sketch. I feel pretty crappy about that but I guess not crappy enough to do something about it. Ah well, tomorrow is another day . . .

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May 242012

I took little lined books from the dollar store and turned them into travel journals for the kids. The first pages are filled with route pictures that are divided up into mileage segments, which will hopefully be helpful for them to visualize “are we there yet?”. They can color in a segment for each 50 miles we drive – I saw something similar to this online but they had the trip divided into hour-long segments, and I don’t know how long with stops each day’s drive will take us, so mileage seemed easier to handle.

I also pasted in a few maps that I made earlier, and the car color bingo.

A Little Bit of Everything

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May 232012

Tonight I’m sitting at the computer working on a little bit of everything – putting together a few mix cds (two for us, one for the kiddos), finishing up a few little graphics projects I’ve got going, and printing photos to put together a little album for Domi.

Nothing exciting enough to photograph, sorry! If I have the energy when I’m done maybe I’ll post the track list for the cd mixes.

Crayon Resist with Watercolors

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May 222012

I was struggling to come up with a project tonight, surfing Pinterest, when I came across a pin describing using white crayon and watercolor paint. The pin directed me to this post on a site I hadn’t seen before: Alisa Burke – which I’m now going to delve into because it seems really interesting and full of creative ideas – and after reading it I went straight for my materials.

This was a really fun project – first the quiet concentration of drawing the design, then the fun of flooding the paint onto the paper and watching the design come to life. It reminded me of those activity books I had as a child where you scribbled on a blank page and a picture appeared. What a nice way to spend a windy, rainy evening.

The scan turned out terrible – I left the painting on the drawing pad and that plus the not-so-great scanner did a number on it, but you get the idea.