May 092012

My daughter’s class made find it bottles in school last week. I collected some small items to add to the bottles but spaced it on the due date so they didn’t get used at school – but I thought they’d be a great addition to my road-trip arsenal so I made two ‘find it’ jars tonight. I happened to have the perfect jars in the fridge – matching plastic relish jars that were empty enough and old enough that I didn’t feel bad dumping the remaining contents. I went on a scavenger hunt around the house to collect items to go into the jars (things that could stay in them forever) and then set to work.

I didn’t want the jars to be kid-specific, so I labeled them Jar 1 and Jar 2 and then divided up the little things equally between the two. I kept a list of what went into each jar so that while we’re on the road I can ask them to find a yellow fish, or a blue monkey, or a Pepsi can, or an orange bead . . . There were a few things that I ended up leaving out because they were too big, but each jar has 24 things in it. After I divided up the items I filled the jars with white rice (from our rice sensory ‘table’) and made sure there was enough room to be able to rotate the jars and have the rice and little toys tumble around inside. Finally I sealed the lids with super glue to hopefully avoid a rice explosion in the car somewhere along I-90.

This project would be very inexpensive even if you had to go out and buy all the little things to go in the bottles, but since I had everything already, it was completely free. I think the kids are really going to love it!

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