Dec 292012

I’ve been in a kind of paralysis when it comes to this blog – at first I was just completely burned out on the project – not in creating things, but in the daily documentation that came with it. Then, after days missed turned into weeks missed, and then into months missed it seemed harder and harder to start up again. Now as the one-year anniversary of this blog approaches I’ve been thinking about what it might become, or if it even should continue.

It was an interesting exercise. It was hard, and it got that much harder once I felt I had learned the lessons I set out to learn at the beginning. It did force me to stretch myself in ways that I hadn’t much for awhile and it was fun for the first half of the year, but as the year went on I found that I was making things without much enthusiasm and not a whole lot of effort, and I certainly felt put-upon at times that I had to take a picture and write a post. Of course there is something to finishing what you’ve started but I also think there is some maturity to knowing when it’s time to quit. I didn’t want to end up so bitter and frustrated with creating and with blogging that I didn’t ever do it again. In a way I sacrificed the blogging in order to keep finding pleasure in the act of creation.

Lately I’ve missed blogging some, but I feel a little bit constrained by the parameters of this site, as though I’m not able to post about something that’s not related to my own creativity, or that wasn’t done on that particular day. I’m leaning towards starting the blog up again but not on a daily basis, and with more leeway to the posts. I’m going to give it a try for awhile and see how it feels, so check back every once in awhile to see what’s new. Thanks for reading along this past year!

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