Jan 112013

Over the next few days I’m going to post some of the projects I did during my ‘hiatus’ from the site.

Way back in August I started on a project to make felt boards for the kids, mainly for our trip to Germany to use on the airplane and during a long car trip. I started by painting white felt with watercolors and then mounting it onto cardboard after it dried. I made two scenes – day and night.

A daytime landscape

A nighttime landscape

Next I put together some stories and songs to use on the boards. I put together the images on my computer, then printed them out and used iron-on transfers to add them to white felt, and then cut them out.

Here are the felt cutouts for Five Speckled Frogs – I used clip-art for these.

Here is the set for Five Little Pumpkins (Sittin’ on a Gate). I drew these freehand and then scanned them in and colored them on the computer.

Here’s Mr. Bones for the song “Dem Bones”.

Here’s the set for the story of Stone Soup.

We also had a felt board set from “The Hungry Caterpillar” that we brought along. The kids liked them alright – they still play with them some and it did use up some airplane time.

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