Jan 142013

I started making travel journals for the kids when we went to Montana last summer, and then in the fall I made journals again for our trip to Germany. The little guy is still a bit young to fully appreciate it, but I do think that the maps help to explain where we are on the trip and help stave off a bit of the ‘are we there yet’ syndrome.

I got this journal for free in the swag bag of a kid’s music festival we go to every year

I used colored dot stickers to make a pattern matching game on one page and stuck in a page of extra dots as well.
I drew a map of our trip from the US to Germany and divided it up into hour-long segments. The older one colored her segments in.
I did the same thing for the ride home.

I also made a map for each way of the road trip we took during the vacation.

Along with the activities I made up, I also pasted in some activities printed out from various kids’ websites.

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  1. I really love the idea.

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