Jan 112018

drawing of West Indies and NevisSo I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the musical “Hamilton” for about two years now. Luckily, I have lovelies in my life who help feed my obsession, and one of them got me a Hamilton desk calendar this Christmas. Today happens to be Alexander Hamilton’s birthday, and so I made a little sketch of the Leeward Islands and St. Kitts and Nevis in honor of the ten dollar founding father who was dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean.

Jan 052018

finished meditative mandala

This afternoon, I was lucky enough to come home to an empty house, with the kids away at the grandparents and A not yet home from work. Since I am literally never alone in this house it was a real treat. I decided to watch a movie with my completely free time (no one needed anything! I didn’t have to compromise on the movie!). I’d heard some good things about The Big Sick, (which if you haven’t seen it, go watch it right now – its free on Amazon Prime) and it was so sweet and funny. Easily one of the best movies I’ve seen over the past year or so.

While I was watching I finished coloring my meditative mandala. After it was completely colored, I used wet cotton swabs as brushes and was able to blend in and shade the colors even more.

Jan 042018

meditative mandala partially colored in

I got a bit of time to add some color to my meditative mandala after dinner (btw Instant Pot chicken and potatoes was A+++). Careful coloring takes time, at least for me, so I’ve got another night or two after this to finish this drawing. Also, I’m using watercolor pencils so I might do some water blending at the end as well.

After only these first few days I’m noticing an additional benefit from restarting this project – it’s luring the kids out of their rooms and away from their electronics! Tonight while I colored V read to me, and D complimented my mandala and then asked to draw too (which, of course you can!). What a great reminder to me about how important modeling behavior is, and how vital it is for them to see that adults can draw or color or paint without an end goal or product in mind.

Jan 032018

meditative mandala

I call this one “Meditative Mandala While Watching Maddow”. I’m sorry friends, I have the feeling 2018 is going to be more of a dumpster fire than 2017 was, and if January 3rd is the norm for this year, then I might be right. However, working on this drawing while half-listening to today’s mess really did help relax me tonight, so that’s something. Score one for the Make Something Daily project! I didn’t end up with time to color this evening, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Peace, Love and Light

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Jan 042014


I finally got a chance to escape my home chaos for a few hours to do something just for me – some sketching and drawing and a bit of blogging too. I started out in the beautiful quiet of the local library ’til the cold chased me out to the local Starbucks. That chill was nothing a few hot teas couldn’t handle.


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Feb 172013

We went downtown to the Seattle Art Museum yesterday (me, the kids and their Ama) to see the show Elles: SAM before it closes tomorrow. We especially wanted to see the work by Yayoi Kusama because my daughter’s art class had watched a video about her and made pictures inspired by her work.

One of her signatures is using polka dots, and the kids really enjoyed her paintings (especially the giant five panel pink one!) but the favorite piece was a rowboat completely covered with stuffed work gloves and painted silver. Nestled in amongst the gloves were pieces of fruit, also painted, and the longer we looked at the piece the more fruit we saw.

We took a quick look through the other galleries and then headed down to the small kids’ play area on the first floor. On our way we passed an alcove with a creativity station – tables with paper and colored pencils for people to use. Viv and I both made drawings inspired by what we’d seen upstairs.

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