Origami Tuesday – Wait, Is That A Thing?

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Mar 282012

It is now! I had no idea what to do for a project today, so I went browsing on the web and stumbled across some origami. First via Pinterest I found some really cool looking flowers with a YouTube video tutorial but there were a few problems – first was the video was in German (but with subtitles in English), and second its 13 minutes long, so I went looking for something easier to start with (my origami talent is limited to paper cranes and maybe a fortune teller if I have enough time to mess around and remember how to do it).

Next on the same site as the flowers I found a tutorial to make an origami butterfly. I don’t have origami paper on hand, and since it seemed easier to follow the instructions with patterned paper I made some out of plain construction paper and ink stamps. As I was folding my paper according to the instructions I came to a step to “collapse into waterbomb base”. Uh, ok? Google to the rescue – here’s how to fold a waterbomb base. The rest was simple to follow, and here’s my little butterfly:

This origami butterfly reminds me more of a moth.

So since that didn’t seem so complicated I went back to the Carambola (Starfruit) flower. Yeah, that one didn’t turn out so well:

I think the paper I used was too soft, so the creases didn’t hold as well as they should have. Anyways, it was a fun hour, and I’ll try it again but next time I’ll use stiffer paper.