Jan 072015

sweet new years treats

I made homemade caramels and marshmallows for holiday gifts and they turned out so delicious that I really needed to come up with some pretty packaging to compliment them. I started out with some cardboard boxes that are usually used as disposable baking pans. Next I added some decorative cupcake liners and nestled the caramels and marshmallows into them.

super sweet new years treats

I happened to have some pre-cut parchment paper (which is the best thing ever by the way) which I folded down so that it fit the size of the box and had a decorative band in the middle, and I trimmed the edges with pinking shears for a cute little touch.

super sweet new years treats

Next I used a long strand of bakers twine to wrap around the package and tie off to secure it. Finally the boxes needed a something else – a label! I made up a label using PicMonkey, printed out a bunch on cardstock, cut them out and slipped them under the baker’s twine.

super sweet new years treats


Knotted and Braided Bookmark with Seashells

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Apr 282012

The other day I was cleaning out a junk drawer and found a bookmark I made a few years ago using thin ribbon and seashells. I figured I could improve on it a bit, and since I also found a couple of shells in that junk drawer I decided to give it a try. I used embroidery floss and knotted it in the fashion of a friendship bracelet (like I did here, here and here), and then added the two seashells to one end of the bookmark and a little charm I got free from Anthropologie (showing ‘me’ time) to the other end.

I attached the shells using super glue which I somehow managed to get all over my fingers. I’m lucky they’re not sticking to the keyboard right now. Upside is I could go out and rob some place and leave no fingerprints with all this glue over my fingertips!

Papier-mache Easter Eggs

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Apr 062012

I’m making papier-mache Easter eggs for Sunday. I saw the idea last year on the fabulous blog Not Martha, and I made these same eggs for my daughter’s birthday party favors last summer (they were ‘dinosaur eggs’ in keeping with the party theme). Its a multi-step process, so tonight I’m making the eggs. Next they’ll need to dry, then be filled with goodies, then the holes sealed up again. Here’s a look at tonight’s work:

Not Martha made hers with sweet polka dots but it was kind of a pain to do it that way last time so I’m going with a mix of solid color eggs and random patterned eggs this time.

I would love to do this again sometime as party favors for a Mexican-themed party, decorated in a piñata style, with mini bottles of tequila and hot sauce inside. I probably don’t have it in me for Cinco de Mayo this year, but maybe sometime in the summer?