Jan 082018

bullet journal page

Today was busy and long – off to a rough start in the morning and then lots to do at home in the evening. The most I could manage was to add a few new layouts and a little color to my bullet journal. I made a generic ‘Important Notes’ page for little notes I need to refer to often, a ‘Gift Ideas’ page so that I can keep track of good ideas throughout the year, and a trip layout for a vacation we have planned later in the year.

Sep 122012

I’ve come up for air for a minute from the hectic pace of back-to-school to work on the kids’ travel journals for our upcoming trip. Today I drew the route maps for our flights out and back; not the actual map but an approximation of the time in the air, so they can color blocks of time and see ‘if we’re there yet’. I just realized in the middle of the trip we also have a 3+ hour car ride (each way) so I’ll have to plan some activities for that as well!