Jan 072018

Last year I started using a bullet journal as a way to keep myself organized and on track, and jot down events and memories as the year progressed. I ended up really liking the format, so I’m going to continue on this year. Tonight I cracked open a new notebook and started out with a few layout pages. I like Moleskine dotted notebooks for journaling, but it seems like a lot of bullet journalers useĀ Leuchturrms too. Maybe I’ll try one of those next year. The basic premise of a bullet journal is that you start with a few pages laid out (often a year at a glance, an index, and a future planner) and then you add in additional layouts as you need them.

bullet journal collage

Some of my first layouts in this year’s journal include: 1) a page of goals to accomplish in 2018; 2) weekly and monthly layouts for January; and 3) my 52 in 52 tracker. Last year having the 52 in 52 tracker made all the difference and I finished reading my 52nd book during the last week of the year. I’m sure if I hadn’t been keeping track of my progress in my bullet journal I wouldn’t have pushed to get all those books read. I have a few more initial layouts to add, and this year I’m going to try to incorporate color and a bit more artistry to the pages as I go along.