Jan 112018

drawing of West Indies and NevisSo I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the musical “Hamilton” for about two years now. Luckily, I have lovelies in my life who help feed my obsession, and one of them got me a Hamilton desk calendar this Christmas. Today happens to be Alexander Hamilton’s birthday, and so I made a little sketch of the Leeward Islands and St. Kitts and Nevis in honor of the ten dollar founding father who was dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean.

Jan 042018

meditative mandala partially colored in

I got a bit of time to add some color to my meditative mandala after dinner (btw Instant Pot chicken and potatoes was A+++). Careful coloring takes time, at least for me, so I’ve got another night or two after this to finish this drawing. Also, I’m using watercolor pencils so I might do some water blending at the end as well.

After only these first few days I’m noticing an additional benefit from restarting this project – it’s luring the kids out of their rooms and away from their electronics! Tonight while I colored V read to me, and D complimented my mandala and then asked to draw too (which, of course you can!). What a great reminder to me about how important modeling behavior is, and how vital it is for them to see that adults can draw or color or paint without an end goal or product in mind.

Jan 032018

meditative mandala

I call this one “Meditative Mandala While Watching Maddow”. I’m sorry friends, I have the feeling 2018 is going to be more of a dumpster fire than 2017 was, and if January 3rd is the norm for this year, then I might be right. However, working on this drawing while half-listening to today’s mess really did help relax me tonight, so that’s something. Score one for the Make Something Daily project! I didn’t end up with time to color this evening, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Jan 022018

sticky paper art cutout

First day back at the office and I spent a few minutes of my lunchtime cutting up sticky notes to make this paper art. I considered going outside to sketch the R/V Thomas G. Thompson before it left for its next research mission but it was too dang cold. Instead I sat at my desk and used blue, orange and yellow sticky notes (3″ x 3″) and glue stick for this layered collage.

Homemade Paper Collage Postcards, Revisited

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Apr 302013

I finally had time over the weekend to work on more paper collaged postcards and they were so fun to do again. I made three cards this time, all of them with a flower theme.

This one is my favorite:

I used my daughter’s letter stamps to stamp “Thank You” on two of the cards. My stamping certainly could have been neater, but I like to think it adds to the folk art appeal.

This was a collaboration between my daughter and me – she started the flower but then got bored, so I finished it.

I’ve got lots more ideas so I’m sure there will be more of these cards showing up in the future.

Handmade Paper Postcard Collage

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Apr 232013
I worked on such a fun project this weekend – a postcard made by collaging cut origami papers and pasting them onto card stock. I only made one because I didn’t have time to do more but I’m looking forward to having some free time in the next few days to sit down and explore this technique. I bought a few packs of origami papers at Daiso (I love that store!) and have a ton of tan card stock so I’ve got lots of supplies to work with. If I know you in real life, stay tuned for a postcard – and I’ll post more photos when I’ve made a few more.

Magazine Cutout Collages

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May 122012

Today we worked on art projects – Viv directed us, first to make collages using images cut from magazines, and second that we should make collages of hands. I followed her instructions faithfully – Domi not so much. We each made a collage:

Domi’s minimalist design
Viv used mixed media – paper collage and dried out ink marker
Most of my material came from the Montana state tourism magazine – can you tell?

Origami Tuesday – Wait, Is That A Thing?

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Mar 282012

It is now! I had no idea what to do for a project today, so I went browsing on the web and stumbled across some origami. First via Pinterest I found some really cool looking flowers with a YouTube video tutorial but there were a few problems – first was the video was in German (but with subtitles in English), and second its 13 minutes long, so I went looking for something easier to start with (my origami talent is limited to paper cranes and maybe a fortune teller if I have enough time to mess around and remember how to do it).

Next on the same site as the flowers I found a tutorial to make an origami butterfly. I don’t have origami paper on hand, and since it seemed easier to follow the instructions with patterned paper I made some out of plain construction paper and ink stamps. As I was folding my paper according to the instructions I came to a step to “collapse into waterbomb base”. Uh, ok? Google to the rescue – here’s how to fold a waterbomb base. The rest was simple to follow, and here’s my little butterfly:

This origami butterfly reminds me more of a moth.

So since that didn’t seem so complicated I went back to the Carambola (Starfruit) flower. Yeah, that one didn’t turn out so well:

I think the paper I used was too soft, so the creases didn’t hold as well as they should have. Anyways, it was a fun hour, and I’ll try it again but next time I’ll use stiffer paper.