Jan 072018

Last year I started using a bullet journal as a way to keep myself organized and on track, and jot down events and memories as the year progressed. I ended up really liking the format, so I’m going to continue on this year. Tonight I cracked open a new notebook and started out with a few layout pages. I like Moleskine dotted notebooks for journaling, but it seems like a lot of bullet journalers useĀ Leuchturrms too. Maybe I’ll try one of those next year. The basic premise of a bullet journal is that you start with a few pages laid out (often a year at a glance, an index, and a future planner) and then you add in additional layouts as you need them.

bullet journal collage

Some of my first layouts in this year’s journal include: 1) a page of goals to accomplish in 2018; 2) weekly and monthly layouts for January; and 3) my 52 in 52 tracker. Last year having the 52 in 52 tracker made all the difference and I finished reading my 52nd book during the last week of the year. I’m sure if I hadn’t been keeping track of my progress in my bullet journal I wouldn’t have pushed to get all those books read. I have a few more initial layouts to add, and this year I’m going to try to incorporate color and a bit more artistry to the pages as I go along.

Jan 052018

finished meditative mandala

This afternoon, I was lucky enough to come home to an empty house, with the kids away at the grandparents and A not yet home from work. Since I am literally never alone in this house it was a real treat. I decided to watch a movie with my completely free time (no one needed anything! I didn’t have to compromise on the movie!). I’d heard some good things aboutĀ The Big Sick, (which if you haven’t seen it, go watch it right now – its free on Amazon Prime) and it was so sweet and funny. Easily one of the best movies I’ve seen over the past year or so.

While I was watching I finished coloring my meditative mandala. After it was completely colored, I used wet cotton swabs as brushes and was able to blend in and shade the colors even more.

Jan 042018

meditative mandala partially colored in

I got a bit of time to add some color to my meditative mandala after dinner (btw Instant Pot chicken and potatoes was A+++). Careful coloring takes time, at least for me, so I’ve got another night or two after this to finish this drawing. Also, I’m using watercolor pencils so I might do some water blending at the end as well.

After only these first few days I’m noticing an additional benefit from restarting this project – it’s luring the kids out of their rooms and away from their electronics! Tonight while I colored V read to me, and D complimented my mandala and then asked to draw too (which, of course you can!). What a great reminder to me about how important modeling behavior is, and how vital it is for them to see that adults can draw or color or paint without an end goal or product in mind.